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Free Characters!!

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Free Characters!! Empty Free Characters!!

Post by Oceanstorm on Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:06 pm

Here are some free characters that you guys can adopt and play as. If they are not adopted soon then they will be killed so hurry and adopt them, okay? (If you want to have a cat that has no description than YOU can make their description!)


Name: Arrowclaw
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Clan: Oceanclan
Appearance: She's a white tabby with brown stripes and she has yellowish gold eyes. Her fur is sleek and she's a very slender cat. She's a natural when it comes to hunting and when she kinda good at fighting.
Personality: She's very helpful, if you ask her to do something she will almost always do it. She cares alot for her clan mates and if very smart. She's also very good with kits.
Build: She's strong and slender.
History: She used to live with a tribe of cats until they were all killed suddenly when some rogue cats attacked them late at night. They had killed the cats on watch without making a sound and slaughter the rest of them. But fortunately, Arrowclaw (who name was just Arrow before she joined Oceanclan) was out hunting at night with her mate Dusk (later known as Duskwhisker). When they returned, they found their whole clan dead, left there to rot. The next day they buried everyone, not knowing if anyone had escaped because the bodies were badly injured beyong recognition. Then they stood vigil the whole next day and into the night until they were unable to stand it any longer and left. They wandered for days until they came to Oceanclan territory and were picked up by a patrol. They begged for them to let them stay with them and Oceanclan happily agreed and made them warriors.
Mate: Duskwhisker
Apprentice: None

Name: Duskwhisker
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years
Clan: Oceanclan
Appearance: Dark brown with one white paw. His eyes are forest green.
Personality: He can be a little mean at times but when he is in a good mood everyone likes him. He's a very good fighter and likes to tease and try to teach Arrowclaw to fight but she can't get it right. And when he is having one of his bad days you better keep out of his way.
Build: Strong and muscular.
History: Same as Arrowclaw. They had know each other since they were just kits.
Mate: Arrowclaw
Apprentice: None

Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue-green
Fur: Dusty gray with two black ears
Description: Loves surprises, very good liar, likes to gossip a little, but can keep a secret
Skills: Good at jumping high bad at balancing
Parents: Unknown
Mate: Novafox
Apprentice: None

Runningstream is a Cream-colored fur with gray ears, muzzle, and paws, she has a feathery tail. Even though she is very beautiful, she has a very noticeable scar going all the way down her left hind leg. She tells no one how she got this.
Personality: She is very very curious and kind, but sometimes(when she is criticized/insulted)she can get very feisty. She can be quite mysterious sometimes ... She even sneaks out some nights to sleep on the beach, and look at the stars.
She also has this way with water and the ocean- most of the time you can found he in the ocean- she befriends the fish and prays more than usual before eating anything- it as if she has this language with the fish(hint) She is VERY flirty as well although she plays hard-to-get ( so basically turns everyone down)
Weakness's/Strengths; If she lands on the leg with the scar in battle, she falls and either cannot fight or fights with a wrenching pain. She is an AMAZING runner and swimmer, she is very good at hunting, but is not the best fighter , sometimes cannot kill prey because she feels bad.
Can keep a secret. Story:She has been on her own since she was a kit. When she was six moons old, there was a disease going around her tribe, that soon wiped out her mother and her entire tribe exept for her. Since then, she has been traveling on her own, meeting wise elders, and has a lot of experience. She has also been abused and neglected.On her journey she came across a small sea, when she crossed it, she thought it was the biggest body of water ever. When she came across the sea surrounding the clans, however, she had no idea it was that big. In the water, she got knocked out by a wave and ended up on OceanClan shore. When a patrol came by, they almost passed her but an apprentice named Vannila paw spotted her, nearly dead. There she became a OceanClan warrior
Mate: None
Apprentice: None

Vanillapetal-Creamy white she-cay with long, shiny kempt fur. She has yellowy blue eyes and a bushy tail. She is sister to Jasperpaw and Wisteriapaw of Sunclan and Moonclan. They were all siblings in a litter of rogue kits. They lived on an island to the south of the archipelago of these islands. The island they lived on was a beautiful paradies filled with flowers. They lived in an abanded greenhouse filled with overrun flowers of all types. During a long and nasty storm a tree the greenhouse collapsed and killed their parents. The kits were sad and confused on what to do so they left the greenhouse in the middle of the storm. They were caught in a flash flood river and were carried out to the sea. They after the storm was over, washed up on a beach. She was the last to wake up and when she did there was fox running right into the beach area! She screamed with fright and realized the fox was being chased, by an Oceanclan patrol of cats. She hid and they fought the fox before it swam away into the waterr. She came out of her hiding spot and they took her to their camp and nursed her to health. She assumed that her siblings were dead and officailly became apart of Oceanclan. Her siblings are actually still alive and they met during their first gathering. They were content with their new lives so they stayed in their clans but still sometimes sneak out to see each other. She is smart and is like a scholar. She loves to learn new things and she loves making battle tatics. She is good at fighting but likes nonviolence things so she prefers hunting. She can be a know it all at sometimes and annoying with her "I told you so". She is also flirty and a spaz-but only when she is hyper.
Mate: None
Appretice: None

Azureshadow-Bright blue gray tom with long tail and short whiskers and sea green eyes. His mother was a rogue while his father was a warrior of Oceanclan. It was planned that as soon as they had the kit they would join Oceanclan-but they were attacked the day of the pregnacy by a mysterious female rogue cat. She took the kit and then killed the mom and wounded the dad and left. Luckily the dads brother, Oceanstorm knew about the relationship secretly and had followedd them to the den on the day. He bounded agter the rogue and followed her. When he had caught up to her he clawed her legs and she stumbled and dropped the kit and he picked the kits up and ran away-knowing that the kit needed to be taken cared for. He brought the kit and his brother to the clan and they were nursed and cared for. He was called Azurekit after his dad that later that day died after he was brought back to the camp. The kit was nututred and cared for by a kind she-cat who had lost her cats. Thanks to her and Oceanstorm the cat lived today. Azurekit is playful, funny, cheerful, lazy and relaxed. He hides his history to others and newcomers as she just wants to be a normal cat. He has a mysterious and secretive side when his past is brough up he is okay with it. He is three moons old and is also very cute and handsome and is a ladies man and likes to flirt with the other kits and apprentces. He admires the brave warrior who saved him, Oceanstorm his uncle and looks up to him to be the deputy one day. He also treats him like his dad and the she-cat who nursed him like his mom. That cat is called Mockingjay.
Mate: Jasmineflame
Apprentice: None

Mockingjay-Pretty bright gold she-cat with rosy cream colored spots and light brown paws. She has indigo eyes like the fading sky before sunset. She nursed Azurekit when her she miscarried her kits , earlier that moon. She nursed him and he started treating her like his mom. He is the kit she never had. She loves him like a son and is willing to protect him too. She is fierce, tempermental and quick to angry when provoked-bt is usually calm, relaxed and unwilling to do wrok that requires effort. She is the mate of Oceanstorm and are hopeful for kits. She was when she was little always trying to copy the warriors of the clan by going hunting and sneaking out to be with them. She got into trouble often-but was punished lightly and gently. She is the neice of Bellstar and cousin to Loudfire, the leaders daughter. She is loyal to her leader and loves the ocean breeze and the salty tang of the ocean. She loves swimming with her mate and his friends-who also happen to be her friends as well! She loves swimming n the coral reef on a hot day with a cloudless sky and relaxing on the beach knowing she has to nothing.
Mate: Oceanstorm
Apprentice: None

Blissfall-Creamy rosy red she-cat with a golden line around her ears, like a halo. She has pure blue eyes like pools of water. She is the keeper of the peace among her siblings and always stops them from fighting. She is like an angel beacuase she is good and polite and proper. She is good at tracking and swimming and is decent at hunting and fighting, not good just average. She loves spending time in the water with her siblings and her friends. She tries to end conflicts which is her downfall-because you can't stop all fights or be everyone's friend. She is friendly and cheerful and loving.
Mate: None
Apprentice: None

Darkkit- No description

Spiderkit- No description


gender: male
eyes: light green
appearence: yellow fur with the tips of his ears brown
personality: Tired and quick to get annoyed. but when he is in a good mood he is very nice and helpful. Good at running but bad at jumping.
Mate: Deeppool
Apprentice: Auburnpaw

gender: female
eyes:dark blue sparkly (kind of)
appearence: black chest and stomach and tip of tail is black and dark blue back and face
personality: happy and positive even through really bad situations. no prey? no problem!! we will be okay!! ok at swimming and great at hunting.
Mate: Cactussun
Apprentice: None

Twoflower- Albino cat with piercing yellow eyes. Twoflower lived a long time ago. When he was a young warrior, his apprentice who was Boarstar, had just been made a warrior! Life had been going good for him so far-he had a mate pregnat with kits and he was a young strong warrior who was respect by the senior warriors for his amazing battle skills. One day though in leafbare it was very cold and many cats were starving including his mate so he sneeked out during a storm to hunt for food for them. It began to rain very hard and buckets of water were falling on him and there was thick fog so he could not see two pawsteps in front of him! He was lost and he knew it, but he would not give up. It began to hail and he heard a great crashing sound that faded and then got closer. The fog parted so he could see his demise-a tidal wave crashed on him an carried him out to the ocean. He used all of his muscules to get out of the next tidal wave and fell into unconsciousness. When he wke up he was on a strange new island with little food or water or cats. He went many days there hungry and thirtsy but he survived. He cursed Spiritclan for taking him away and vowed he would get back. Being alone on the island when you are hungry and thirsty made him semi-insane and on the next major storm many moons later he willing jumped into the waves and let himself be carried out to the ocean. He then woke up back on his island! He spent one day running all around the island because he was happy and kinda insane(The other clans reported a mysetrious white rogue next gathering where Sunclan turned away and shuffled their paws). On the second day he returned to his clan and would have not been allowed in it-if it had not ben for the elders and Boarstar. He rejoined the clan-but everything had changed. His mate had died of hunger after his kits had been born-but his mates best friend took care of them. When the kits were apprentices they left the clan because they had no family left in it and became rogues. The girl cat mated to a rogue on the southern islands and has three kits-Wisteriapaw, Jasperpaw and Vanillapaw. She did not know she was so close to her father-who was rumored to be a crazy ghost cat. Twoflower jumped into the storm the same day the kits did. His son mated with a rougue and they had Mittens, Rhapsody, Tempest and Jubilee. If he had stayed these things would had not happened so there would been no Dawnclan or Twilightclan! He takes great pride in himself for this and understood why Spiritclan took him away when he finds this out later-right now he stills thanks Spiritclan for bringing him back, but why they had done that in the first place. He is large, muscular and strong. He loves to fight and even older he is one of the best warriors in the clans. He is not insane anymore-but he is now quirky, werid, strange and awckward. He can eat a lot and drink a lot even if he is not hungry and thirsty- a habit from the island. He stinks-badly at hunting and can not catch a thing, but he is loyal to his clan so he will hunt for as long as a moon until he gest food. He was persuaded to be an elder but he declined because he still wanted to be a warrior.
Mate: None
Apprentice: None


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