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Season: Strong-breeze, 3rd Moon (Fall/Autumn, November) Weather: The weather in the islands is now cooling down as the season begins to whind down into cool-breeze. Clan News: Lavaclan, Forestclan, and Oceanclan have teamed up to fight against Sunclan, while Moonclan is being ripped apart by their bloody civil war. RP News: I have updated AwesomeClan with some new things and have also given it a new format! A few new things will soon follow and soon the Other Roleplay's will be up and running! And maybe even something more..... ;)

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My old characters (I'm leaving, so, yeah)

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My old characters (I'm leaving, so, yeah) Empty My old characters (I'm leaving, so, yeah)

Post by Eagletalon on Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:25 pm

These charries are all up for adoption.

LavaClan deputy
Embersong is a tall and muscled she-cat. She has a dark black coat with speckles of a golden red all over it, hence her first name. Tigernight has a beautiful voice, and she is a great fighter and tracker, always blending in to the shadows and is very strong. Smart and sarcastic, many other cats are at first offended by her initially hostile ways. She is great friends with Autumnstar, and when Autumnstar first asked her to be deputy, she declined because she didn't want the responsibility. She is very laid back and calm, but she will readily attack if she sees any kind of harm. She is not a very good hunter, but she will throw all she has into it.
Mate: Iceheart
Apprentice: Darkpaw

LavaClan kit (adopted by Embersong)
Silverkit has long red fur and silver eyes. Greenkit treats him like a younger brother. He is a dark character with a tramatic childhood from when he was abducted at a very young age. His father is an evil rogue, but never stopped looking for Silverkit. (Mother unknown) Unable to recall his childhood, Silverkit has no idea about his roots, and developed a very independent personality. With the exception of Greenkit, he shows a natural coldness towards others. He is also an adept theft and has one of the strongest minds for a cat around. Silverkit is highly skilled in battles, and has a tendency to go for power struggles. He is only moderately good at hunting and likes fishing. He is fast and agile, as he is a thief, but a bad tree climber and water is not really his element. He looks up to Bluepaw.

Nightkit (don't know his description)

MoonClan warrior
Gender: she-cat
Appearance: She's black with yellowish green eyes. She has a white stripe on her face that stretches from her nose, between her eyes, and to the top of her forehead where it forms a mark that looks like a crown.
Personality: She's kind, smart, loyal, and would do anything for her clan mates as long as it does not involve killing a cat. She loves to sing and watch the stars at night.
History: She has always lived in Moonclan. Her only brother's name is Castlebrook. their mother died giving birth to them and their father ran off to be a kittypet.
Mate: Pebblecreek
Kits: Not yet, but later in the future.

Name: Pebblecreek
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's a grey tortiseshell tom with blue eyes.
Personality: He's kind, smart, loving, and helpful. He forgives cats very easily.
History: His mother and father died of old age.
Mate: Pearlblaze
Kits: Not yet, but later in the future.

MoonClan apprentice
Name: Rubypaw
Gender: Female
Appearance: She's light brownish red with dark yellow eyes.
Personality: She's very playful and loves her father Castlebrook. She's smart, nice, and a little mischevious.
History: When she was young, she and her mother got whitecough which slowly grew to greencough. Her mother started to slowly grow weak and eventually died but she kept fighting and survived. She misses her mother very much but is thankful that her father is still alive. Her mother watches over her from Spiritclan.
Parents: Castlebrook and Sparktail
Siblings: none
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