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My(Oceanstorms) characters!

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My(Oceanstorms) characters! Empty My(Oceanstorms) characters!

Post by Oceanstorm on Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:28 pm

Oceanstorm-Blue gray tom with silver spots and long fur with a feathery plume of a tail as well as sparkling ocean blue eyes. He is quiet, shy and calm when he is without his friends. But when he is with his good friends he quickly transforms and becomes loud, random, unpredictable and spazzy. He is good friends with the other, younger deputy Forestwing and has befriended Ravenfeather and Bellstar. He is good with kits and wishes one day to have some of his own. He likes being deputy, but he does not want to become the leader of the clan, he likes his position just fine and is content with it, nothing more and nothing less. He is said to be descened from the first leader of Oceanclan, Oceanstar. But truthfully he does not really know at all!

Hollybell-Creamy light brown she-cat with pretty blue eyes and a white underbelly and fluffy fur. She is kind, gentle, nice and generous to all. She is good friends with Moonpaw the other medicine cat apprentice, even though Hollybell is older than her and has already recieved her full medicine cat name. Hollybell can be very overdramatic, too helpful and can have when things are funny insane laughter that irrates some cats. She is still a good cat though. She is Ravenfeather's apprentice and at first was cautious of her since Ravenfeather was a former rogue but now has warmed up to her and they are good friends and it does not even seem like they are mentor and apprentice. She treats everyone with respect and even cats outside of the clan with the same respect she would give her leader! She is an okay fighter and an okay hunter-but will fight or hunt to death to serve her clan. She can be when she is in one of her funny moods a bit of a mousebrain and "mentally" unstable. She is actually alright up in her mind she just likes to have a fun time.

Jasmineflame-Long furred silvery pink she-cat with bright golden blue eyes, a chocolate brown paw and a feathery, sweeping plume of a tail. She has a light red tipped tail. She is a excellent hunter and can hunt anything and anything so therefore she is good at tracking. She jokes some times that she could even hunt cats! On terms of fighting she is okay at it but not the greatest and still has some more moves to learn. She is the greatest swimmer out of the apprentices whom she is all good friends with. She gets along well with other cats and can befriend many. She likes drama and dramatic things. She is the daughter of Aspenstorm and Mossleaf. She is always trying to befreinds with people and that kinda is her downfall. She gets sick and hurt easily but she always heals through. She is senstive so if you say something mean to her she could cry. Her older sister is Hollybell and they are like best friends with each other! She is well liked.

Kiteclaw-Golden red she-cat with razor sharp claws and dark sparkling blue eyes. She loves to fight and is an amazing fighter. Her claws are always sharp which led to a rumor that she sharpens them everyday. But that isn't true-they are just natrually sharp. Despite being a good fighter, she dislikes violence and thinks conflicts should and can be solved without fighting or bloodshed. But when she has to fight she will and in all of her fury. She is calm, lazy and a bit of a showoff. SHe loves her sisters and if anyone hurts them or her clan she becomes a beast of great power and limitless strength and rage. She is one to be feared when she is provoked.

Laurelvine-Short furred brown and white she-cat with a white diamondish spot on her forehead. She has a long tail, like a vine and sparkling green eyes. She is calm, playful, and relaxed most of the time. She deals well with pressure and usuallly keeps a clear head, which is useful in battles. She likes fighting because she alwasy makes the right decisions when other cats don't which leads her to win the battle. She likes to swim, sun bathe and daydream in the beach by the camp. She likes talking to and spending time with her friends and feels like she could talk to them forever! She sometimes feels like there isn't enough time in a day for everythiong a day has to offer.

Aromabreeze-Creamy golden red she-cat with blue green eyes. She always seems to smell nice wherever she goes. She has no idea why though. She likes hunting, because her scent hides her even if the wind changes. She is good at sneaking up on someone in battle as she blends in with the air. She isn't good at fighting beacuse she just doesn't like it and because of that does poorly in it. She is playful, cheerful, relaxed and spazzy. She is a lot of fun to be around and is always a good friend.

Quillkit- Oceanclan kit of about 6 moons old, almost apprentice age. Has dark brown and light brown fur with various white lines crisscrossing all over her body in a horizontal pattern. Has dark green eyes. Is an amazing fighter. A great hunter. Good climber, swimmer, tracker and runner.

Myrtlerose-Dark gray she-cat with long claws and fangs and dark green eyes. She is hostile, aggressive, tempermental and ambitious for power. She just became a warrior a few sunrises ago. She is feared by many younger cats, such as kits, apprentices and even her warrior sister, Olivefern. She is not at all like her name suggests. She does actions first questions later and cares only about herself. She is willing to do anything to rise to power and is very manipulating. She often gets her sister pulled into her vicious schemes of evil. Her dream is have world domination and she hates whenever someone calls her little, young or princess. If you do call her that she goes into an angry rant of terror and becomes like a mad tyrant. She is actually a pretty cat and (sorta) good. She likes fighting and dislikes hunting because she thinks it is stupid. She wants to become the leader one day and looks up to and many times challenges Boarstar and her deputies about many things.

Olivefern-Light gray she-cat with a striking pink nose and light green eyes. She likes to smile and make people laugh. She also very elegant, graceful, polite and beyond pretty. She gets caught up in her sisters plans and schemes and is always trying to stop her from being so........her. She just became a warrior a few sunrises ago and prefers hunting over fighting but she is really good at both. She is an amazing liar and good at keeping secrets. She is afraid of lots of things, bugs, darkness, heights, twolegs, monsters and strange things. She is cautious of new things and is being teased constantly by warrior and apprentice and even kits. She believes that beauty is important on the inside not the outside.

Apricotfur-Creamy brown she-cat with reddish ginger spots. She is quiet, ladylike, kindhearted and gentle. But be warned whenever she is mad or angry is fiercetempered and aggressive. She can be romantic and a flirt with the boys. She is also very honest and will never tell a lie but she does like to joke around with her siblings.

Coralpaw-Creamy ginger she-cat with icy, pale, silvery blue eyes. She is stubborn and will satnd up for what she believes fro whatever the price even if it goes against the leader. She speaks her mind and gets into trouble frequently. She is super athletic and argues with her siblings often.

Jasperhowl-Red, brown and yellow spotted tom with brilliant blue eyes. He has long, unkempt fur that goes in every direction. He has bad direction and can be short to anger and tempermental. He gets lost very easily and loves to fight and likes challenges and obstacles as he thinks they make life more fun. He can sometimes a little too mean and can also be very demanding.

Wisteriafrost-Light gray she-cat with a pale violet tint to her fur and a faint red paw. She has pale violety blue eyes and a long tail and long whiskers. She is a natural born explorer and is very adventorus but also very manipulating and clever and sly. She can hide er emotions well and loves to fake cry in front of people to get what she wants. She can be very spoiled and can be a brat.

Scatterkit-Scatterkit is a pure black she-cat with long fur and gray eyes. Scatterkit is very serene and calm, even in battle. She is also very graceful, elegant and lady-like. She is very fierce and deadly in battle and she aslo believe highly in the warrior code and its laws and that they must be followed out at all times. She is great at fighting and bad at hunting. She usually icy and withdraw but sometimes can be hotheaded, emotional and quick to anger when her family or friends are involved.

Lunapaw-Silver she-cat with dark, cold blue eyes. She has a calm temper. She is usually very calm, peaceful, gentle, and soothing. But sometimes she can be very tempermental, mean, and rough. She is like the moon for which she was named. She is very close to he mother. She is a great hunter and a good fighter. She is very close to her brother and they both share a spiritual bond or connection to each other. This allows them to feel what they are feeling, know where they are, and know when tey are hurting.

Ivoryfang- Large white she cat with dark blue eyes and short fur. She has a faint scar on her hind leg. Ivorypaw is fierce, proud, hostile and feels like she is above everyone. She can be selfish and vain and can hold grudges against cats. She is not liked very well by the other cats of the clans-it seems that only Silvershadow is able to see her as something else then from what she really is. She used to be a warrior apprentice and was feared among the apprentices as like a tyrant. She was bribed by Silvershadow to become a medicine cat-a choice that surprised everyone of the clan, even Autumnstar. She has a scar on her hind leg from a spar between a warrior she had a grudge against. During a spar with the warrior she unsheated her claws and gave him some bad scrapes and he fought back giving her a nasty scar on her hind leg. The warriors name is Dragonblaze. If she does not like you, you'd better watch out!

Plumpetal-Dark purpley gray she-cat with small, bright green eyes. She is persuasive, stubborn, and fierce, as well as hostile. She is persuasive and can get her way, when she uses the right words. She s stubborn because, no matter what she will stand up for what she believes in-even if it means death. She likes to explore and is always sneaking out of the camp and running away to explore. She always comes back though, because she loves her family greatly and would never ever leave them. She oftens wonders about the other side of her family as in her mothers side and wishes one day to see them and meet them. She doesn't like to learn about history and thinks that learning about happened before she was born is stupid. She doesn't dwell on her things that happened in the past and her motto is what happened has happened and they shouldn't dwell on that, they should look to the future. She might seem like it-but she is a smart little kit. She is a good hunter and is not good at fighting. She is boastful about her achievements and tries to make little things seem like big things. She lives in her sisters shadow-so this might why she does this. But actual this is just her personalitiy and she doesn't mind being her sister's shadow.

Jynxwish-Light blue she-cat with a tint of lavender and large, dull indigo eyes. She is philosphical, smart, cautious and modest. She asks herself and many others the big questions of life. She is smart and cauitous when on adventures. She would be a good choice for medicine cat-if not she was such a great fighter. She is a prodigy and already knows a lot of moves. She is modest and not boastful about this and many expect that she will be an amazing fighter when she gets older. Even, though she is not boastful, she has a dream to learn all the fighting moves of the clans-so then she will be a real master! She is willing to give up her dream to become a medicine cat if the need arises, and bestly wants to serve her clan. She follows the rules and hates rule-breakers. She and her sister are very different but care greatly for each other. She notices and picks up on patterns easily and has good memory-which is good for learning herbs. She spends time in the medicine cat den and even though Ivorypaw is feared by many-Jynxpaw does not fear her (even though Ivorypaw does try to scare her to make her so because even her sister, Plumkit fears her) because she looks beyond her surface and sees a different cat then the one everyone else sees. She is a good friend to Silvershadow as they both see Ivorypaw in this light. She knows a lot of herbs and spends lots of time in the medicine cat den learning even though she and Silvershaodw knows she wants to be a warriors, it is just a back-up plan in case something bad happens.

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