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Snowbird and Firebird--MoonClan Warriors

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Snowbird and Firebird--MoonClan Warriors Empty Snowbird and Firebird--MoonClan Warriors

Post by eaglestar on Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:03 pm

Name: Snowbird
Rank: Warrior
Apprentice: None
Kits: None (she thinks she's pregnant but hasn't told anyone other than Firebird)
Pelt: White
Eyes: Sapphire
Personality: Fits MoonClan standards perfectly. Is mysterious and sly as a fox. She uses other clan hunting techniques from watching them at the border. She sometimes sneaks around in other Clan's territories, but has never been caught. Although she is clever and not afraid to challenge something, she's also kind, gentle, and fair. Therefore, she is a neutral cat, but mostly supports Fallenstar.
Mother: Mossclaw (died of greencough)
Father: Skybreeze (died of greencough)
History: Snowbird was born in MoonClan and fell in love with Firebird (used to be Spark) when he came to the camp and asked to join. She was born in MoonClan and was adored by her clanmates. Sometimes, it gets hard for her to hunt, but she's the fighting expert. She calculates the enemies' position and sometimes disobeys orders to do her own thing so that MoonClan could win. She has won many battles for MoonClan, although all the warriors contribute a lot as well. She's known for fighting off a patrol of five single-pawed.

Name: Firebird
Rank: Warrior
Mate: Snowbird
Kits: None (but soon!)
Pelt: Flaming ginger (like Firestar's)
Eyes: Startling green
Personality: Unlike most MoonClan warriors, Firebird is outgoing. He is experienced at fighting and doesn't like hunting, although he was born a rogue. He stands up for his mate and has broken the warrior code more than once. He once went to SunClan and picked a fight with them because he was bored. Snowbird found him and managed to get SunClan's leader not to tell Eaglestar.
History: Firebird was born a rogue, and used to be known by the name of Spark. He moved into MoonClan territory because of the good hunting. He finally joined MoonClan when he saw Snowbird in a patrol. He was made a warrior at once, but had a lot of battle training. He didn't get trained in hunting the MoonClan style, and he almost always goes with a partner, whether hunting or fighting. He killed his own mother and father when they tried to force him out of MoonClan. He supports Fallenstar because of Snowbird, but admires Aquafur for his strength and power. Once Aquafur becomes leader (or Firebird thinks he will), Firebird will try to persuade Snowbird to join him.

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Snowbird and Firebird--MoonClan Warriors Empty Re: Snowbird and Firebird--MoonClan Warriors

Post by Eagletalon on Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:55 pm

History? Why so spaced? (not that that's a problem, just wondering)
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