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Camp Jupiter Rp

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Camp Jupiter Rp Empty Camp Jupiter Rp

Post by Oceanstorm on Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:05 am

So beside Camp Half-Blood which is for Greek demigods we also have their younger and more hostile counterpart, Camp Jupiter which is for Roman demigods. No I have no idea what gods and goddess you can so I am going to say go ahead you can pick anyone of the number of Roman gods as long as they are allowed to have children, keeping in mind the exception of Hera/Juno and Artemis/Diana. If you go to google you can easily find some lists of the Roman gods. This camp is a lot different from Camp Half-Blood. The camp is ruled by the 2 praetors. The camp is divided into 5 cohorts, groups of mixed demigods. Unlike in Camp Half-Blood the demigods are all mixed together with one another instead of being divided by their godly parent. The leaders of the cohorts are the two centurions. A member of the camp is called a legionaire. Before you are claimed by your godly parent you are called a probatio. The way this goes is wolves come to your house and take you to the Wolf House where you are trained by the legendary wolf goddess Lupa. If you pass her tests you are worthy to become a demigod. If you don't, you die. (That is how strict we are talking about!) Then you go to Camp Jupiter and are a probatio until you are claimed. Also the camp is more like a city and has other older adult demigods and their families living in it the New Rome section. To see a map use this link:
Okay so once we make some characters we can get started here. Very Happy
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