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Cavern, Chatbox Roleplay

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Cavern, Chatbox Roleplay

Post by Eagletalon on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:01 pm

Cavern (or the Elemental Roleplay) is a RP I made with Oceanstorm on the chatbox. Unlike Vale, which is slightly unrealistic, Cavern is meant to be totally realistic.
There were huge storms (this is almost like an apocalyptic thing) such as tornadoes and hurricanes that forced animals underground and into caves. The current caves are the only ones in the area so all the animals and cats ran there. The tunnels were carved into mountains by erosion and Twolegs (railroads and stuff). The caves are natural, and in the heart of the mountain is a crystal cave. This is very recent, so the storms still happen and it is dangerous to go outside. They get light through the tunnel exits or holes in the roof. Also, the cats discovered that by rubbing on some special crystals embedded in the walls, the crystals will emit something like a liquid fire of that color. The crystal cave is in the center and has four main natural tunnels branching off. Each one of the four main cats from the surviving group chose a path and took their followers or those who believed that branch would be best.
Earthshadow took his followers into the branch that was the driest. They became EarthClan.
Firesong took her followers into the branch that was the warmest. They became FireClan.
Waterstream took his followers into the branch that he heard water from. They became WaterClan.
And Airstrike took her followers into the branch that went higher and had better air. They became AirClan.

But, that was only in the higher parts of the crystal cave. On the floor, many tail-lengths deeper, there were many pot holes filled with water. There were also step-like formations filled with water cut into the sloping ground. Troublemakers and rebels tried to overthrow the rulers, so the clans threw them into the pot holes. And they supposedly drowned because water from outside ran into the pot holes. But the cats just fell through into a secret underground chamber. The pot hole water made little waterfalls and ran out of the cave in gullies rent by the constantly flowing water. The traitor cats found out separate ways out of the cave from climbing out of the pot holes, so they made their own clan in the underground cave. Other cats, family or supporters of the exiled cats, followed them after a cat snuck back and told them in the clans. That was the birth of Crystal Clan.

Clan Descriptions, Hierarchy, and Military:
WaterClan is the clan of change. They live in a cave with a river running around a side. Their cats have a fluid and graceful style, and let their defense because their offense.
AirClan is the clan of freedom. Their cave is partly outside, under an cliff, and look out from about half up the mountain. As such, the trek up to the AirClan camp from the Crystal cave is very arduous and no one really tries to attack. AirClan is a pacifist clan anyway, and their fighting style is almost all defensive.
EarthClan is the clan of substance. They live in a dry cave with a dirt floor, with a stream reachable outside. Cats in EarthClan are diverse, strong, persistent, and enduring. When fighting, they endure to wait for the right moment to strike, and then do so with a large force. It is the largest clan.
FireClan is the clan of power. Their cave is very hot because, in the border of their outside territory, the mountain there is a volcano. A few veins of sluggish lava run in their cave, but deep below, heating the river (an offshoot of the one from WaterClan) that runs in the cave. The members of the clan have overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires.

Leader-leads the entire clan and discusses with the Generals of the fighting divisions.
Deputy-chosen from the Generals, and will be the next leader. They keep a record of the days in the Clan
Generals-chosen from the warriors. They head and organize the divisions they had chosen.
Elders/Sign reader-warriors too old or incapable of the duties of a warrior. They now read the Signs that determine and predict things like weather, battles, an apprentice's warrior name, and others. They are assigned to divisions to act as healers.
Apprentices-when a kit has lost his or her soft kit fur. During their apprentice time, they spend time in each division to see which one they fit in the best.

Each clan has unique fighting divisions. They are:
-Plant (Attack)
General: Blackdawn
Members: Birchtail, elder Fernleaf
-Blood (Stealth)
Members: Gorsewatcher
-Ice (Attack and defense)
Members: elder Rockpool
-Snow (defense)
General: Brokenwave
Members: (queen) Silentpetal,

-Cloud (stealth)
-Sound (defense)


-Lightning (Attack)
General: Thunderdrop
-Lava (stealth and defense)
Members: Ashcloud,
-Combustion (Attack)
General: Combustioneye (free charry)
Members: Foxflame,


and that's all we have now

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Re: Cavern, Chatbox Roleplay

Post by Oceanstorm on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:31 am

Great job, Eagle! Very Happy
That was very descriptive Wink
Cavern seems very militaristc/post apocalyptic roleplay Smile

Hmm... I don't really know what to say...
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