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Post by eaglestar on Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:20 pm

Fallenstar is a light delicate she-cat with extremely dark jet black fur on her back that fades to a medium dark grey on her stomach. She has brown stripes all over her body that fade with the black, (they get lighter brown at the stomach but dark on her spine). She has bright icy-blue grey eyes and extra long claws, but her fangs are normal. She is an amazing hunter, but doesnt like to fight and is very bad at it. She is an amazing tracker, and has great battle tactics, and is not the best climber at all. Fallenstar is a very smart cat, and a bit shy, but she has a very dry sense of humor. She may be small, but if you get on her bad side, you are in for a torrent of verbal abuse. She hates to be disrespected and will never let a cat walk all over her. Fallenstar is a fair leader and tries to be as just as possible, and has never lost a clan fight before.
Mate: aquafur
Kits: Lunapaw and Solarpaw

Name: Aquafur
Gender: tom
Description: Aquafur has pale blue fur and black ears. His eyes are tainted slightly red,you might not even notice if you weren't looking for it. He is thin and looks weak,but,like all Moonclan cats, he's stronger than he looks. A piece of his tail is missing
Personality: Aquafur is extrememly sly. He might be the best at keeping secrets in the clan. He usually looks calm and even bored sometimes. But he's really watching and learning things about all his clanmates. He is fascinated by the other clans,and tries to learn as much as possible about them. this is because he has a very dark ambition. He plans to become the leader of Moonclan and to change the code a bit so there can only be one deputy. Then he plans to take Moonclan out of its neutrality and declare war on the other clans one by one. Of course he keeps this ambition to himself, and his bored amd calm appearance help him disguise this.
Summary: Aquafur was once a rogue. But when he was kit aged,he and his mother joined Moonclan. His mother taught him to be ambitious. His mother was banished from the clan after an attempted assasination on the clan deputy. Aquafur was still a kit then,and was allowed to stay because he wanted to. His mother had stopped caring for him anyway,so they couldn't just send him with her. He soon became a strong warrior and seemingly loyal warrior as well. He soon had the desire to become deputy. And he did become deputy partly because it seemed impossible to ever surprise him in battle and because of his calmness and effeciency in giving orders.

Medicine Cats:
Name: Glowheart
Gender: she-cat
Mother: Eaglestar
Father: Unknown
Kits: Windsong
Personality: Very suspicious, and often sneaks away during the night to gather herbs. Small and lithe, but cannot defend herself easily. She is very agile and can catch prey, has good memory. She is always heartbroken when a cat that's injured comes. Not as close to the other medicine cat as they are to her. Her mother, Eaglestar, leader of MoonClan, hid the identity of Glowheart's father. After other cats starting to get suspicious that she mated another cat in another clan, she ditched Glowheart and said that if Glowheart could find her way back to the clan in a moon, they would welcome her. They are still suspicious of her, but Glowheart always serves her clan loyally despite her mysterious ways.
Eyes: golden
Pelt: grey with specks of yellow
Name: Turquoisenight
Gender: tom
Physical Description: A pure black cat with turquoise colored eyes. He have a big scar beside his left eye because of a strange mad cat in Moonclan before.
Personality: He was a sensitive, kind and calm cat. He is very soft, and he had a delicate heart. The mad tom enjoyed killing, and he was drove out of the clan. Turquoisenight had hard time of seeing after that.

Angelleaf-Like her name, she's really like an angel. A dark angel. She's black with white leaf shaped pattern across her back. Her eyes are yellow. She speaks softly and runs really fast. She's good at hunting but not so good at fighting. She hates talking and no one knows her that well. Her Mother and Father died because of a sickness.
Siblings: Deviltail

Deviltail- He's the brother of Angelleaf. He's pure white except for a whit spear on his pelt. His eyes are green. His tail is really long and really sharp. It hurts when you get poked by his tail. He's the opposite of his sister. He's friendly, nice, and doesn't hate talking. If you get him mad, he'll become even scarier then Angelleaf, he'll be snappy and cranky and keen to poke people with his tail. He's good at hunting but so so at fighting unless you get him mad while fighting. He'll become a devil.
Siblings: Angelleaf

Name: Rockheart
Color of Pelt: Gray
Color of Eyes: Amber
Siblings: Whirlwind, Spiketail, Thornclaw
Mate: Spiritmoon
Personality: tough, won't give up easily, often breaks the warrior code, the bravest of his litter
History: Rockheart was born in a time of war. Because of his tough attitude, he often broke the warrior code by sneaking out of camp as a kit and trying to fight. Surprisingly, nocat caught him because his mysterious ways often hid the truth. He was made an aprentice 1 moon early withhis siblings. Ever since then, he has never broken the warrior code again and serves his clan loyally. He has only been a warrior for 3 moons, and dosn't have much experience. He has been in only a couple of fights, with hardly any battle scars to show it. Is the worst at hunting prey because he thinks prey are cowardly opponents and often yowls the battle call before rushing after instead of creeping up. Most of his wounds have been caused by that.

Spiketail is exactly like Rockheart, although less brave and not as foolish about hunting. He and Thornclaw often work in pairs in battle and are the stick together siblings.

Whirlwind is a she-cat, lither and gentler then Rockheart but otherwise the same. She is better at hunting then any of them, but also really good at fighting.

Name: Rippleclaw
Mentor: Whirlwind
Siblings: None
Father: Arrowsplash (he's half OceanClan but nobody knows that because MoonClan is very mysterious)
Personality: Lonely, loves swimming, Speckcloud's only surviving kit. He is loyal although often distracted by small things like leaves falling or birds setting flight. This is a disadvantage while fighting, although an advantage for hunting. He is the best at hunting but more than once brings home fish instead of ground animals.
Fur: grey with ripples and a white-tipped tail
Eyes: stormy grey

Name: Wolfsong
Apprentice: None
Siblings: Pheonixpaw
Personality: bold and outgoing, calm, but not afraid to challenge orders, will always argue if he thinks something else is right
Pelt Color: dark gray
Eye Color: stormy blue
Mother: Whirlwind
Father: rogue

Name: Phoenixblaze
Apprentice: None
Personality: calm, cool, more mysterious than the rest of the clan, warm-hearted, almost made a medicine cat but SpiritClan chose another path for her
Pelt Color: silver
Eye Color: shining blue
Mother: Whirlwind
Father: rogue

Clan: Moonclan
Gender: tom
Cloudpaw has a pair of sky blue eyes and a milky white body. He was found in the middle of the civil war with his best friends Lunarpaw and Skypaw. Cloudpaw always has a lot of energy and is very kind. His snow white colored fur can help him camouflage when snowing. He likes fighting and is very brave. He still has a shadow in his heart because he lost his parents. He is extremely intelligent. His parents were loners. He was called Cloudkit because his fur is white and fluffy. When he was a loner, his name was Cloud.


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