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Season: Strong-breeze, 3rd Moon (Fall/Autumn, November) Weather: The weather in the islands is now cooling down as the season begins to whind down into cool-breeze. Clan News: Lavaclan, Forestclan, and Oceanclan have teamed up to fight against Sunclan, while Moonclan is being ripped apart by their bloody civil war. RP News: I have updated AwesomeClan with some new things and have also given it a new format! A few new things will soon follow and soon the Other Roleplay's will be up and running! And maybe even something more..... ;)

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Apprentices--Rabbitpaw, Mousepaw, Shrewpaw, and Squirrelpaw

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Apprentices--Rabbitpaw, Mousepaw, Shrewpaw, and Squirrelpaw Empty Apprentices--Rabbitpaw, Mousepaw, Shrewpaw, and Squirrelpaw

Post by eaglestar on Tue Jun 05, 2012 10:28 am

Name: Rabbitpaw
Clan: MoonClan
Physical Appearence: Rabbitpaw is a lithe white tom with amber eyes. He is extremely fast, as his name suggests. His coat is streaked with brown and black, which seems like mud, although Rabbitpaw takes good care of his fur.
Personality: Rabbitpaw has an aloof personality. He is the most serious of his littermates.He supports Aquafur because of Aquafur's "nobleness". He is fierce and unforgiving, although easily startled. He is a good guard, and a great fighter.
Mentor: Mapleshade
Mother: Floodwaters of OceanClan
Father: Blackshroud of LavaClan

Name: Mousepaw
Clan: OceanClan
Physical Appearence: Mousepaw is small, but more agile then Rabbitpaw. He makes fast dashes, but can't keep it up for long. He is a dusky brown with amber eyes.
Personality: Mousepaw is timid and shy, but more good-natured then Rabbitpaw. He is very friendly, especially to his Clanmates. He is the only one who forgave their parents. He is good at hunting.
Mentor: Dayripple
Mother: Floodwaters of OceanClan
Father: Blackshroud of LavaClan

Name: Shrewpaw
Clan: LavaClan
Physical Appearence: Shrewpaw is exactly like Mousepaw, but is black. He is less agile and speedy. His eyes are still amber, and he's a good hunter.
Personality: Shrewpaw is, again, closest to Mousepaw. He is less timid, but not as out-going as Squirrelpaw.
Mentor: Blackshroud
Mother: Floodwaters of OceanClan
Father: Blackshroud of LavaClan

Name: Squirrelpaw
Clan: SunClan
Physical Appearence: Squirrelpaw is ginger with bright green eyes. She is extremely fast, and can only be beaten by Rabbitpaw. She is a great hunter.
Personality: Squirrelpaw is really out-going and friendly. She half-forgave the her parents.
Mentor: I'm making one called Flameburst!
Mother: Floodwaters of OceanClan
Father: Blackshroud of LavaClan

History: Born at the border of LavaClan and OceanClan, the littermates were left to die in unclamed territory. A rogue (Sol) found them and placed each of them into a Clan territory. Rabbitpaw was taken to MoonClan, Squirrelpaw was taken to SunClan, Mousepaw was taken to OceanClan, and Shrewpaw was taken to LavaClan. Later, they found out they were half-Clan (or tri-Clan!) at a gathering, but they are still trusted.
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Apprentices--Rabbitpaw, Mousepaw, Shrewpaw, and Squirrelpaw Empty Re: Apprentices--Rabbitpaw, Mousepaw, Shrewpaw, and Squirrelpaw

Post by Oceanstorm on Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:25 pm

Haha, I have cats like that, too. But, instead, there is only 3 kits and they were in Moon, Sun and Ocean.

Hmm... I don't really know what to say...
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