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Moonclan deputy to be leader after Fallenstar

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Moonclan deputy to be leader after Fallenstar Empty Moonclan deputy to be leader after Fallenstar

Post by Novafox on Sun May 27, 2012 12:47 am


Everclear is a silver, blue, and gray she cat. She has a tabby coat, with the stripes up and down her sides, and a white chest and stomach. Everclear have deep blue eyes that are both a clear, light, airy, grey blue, with deep, dark, midnight blue flecks. Because of her light coat, she can not hunt in the forest, but hunting in the plains on a full moon is one of her favorite things to do. Everclear is very sensible, and the most important thing to her in the entire world is balance. She is an incredible fighter, she is very lithe and limber, and Fallenstar personally taught her some special fighting techniques which include both using your enemy's weight against them, and using certain pressure points to your advantage. Everclear is motherly to all cats, but loathes the prospect of having kits. She is delicate but very strong, and shy to strangers. Her wit hides her true age, although she is scarred and battle-worn, she is still young. She was found as an older apprentice age, scared and scarred. She still has a torn ear and a scar running down her tail, down her left side, and across her chest, but they are mostly hidden my her medium length fur. She is not a very good swimmer but she has great balance.
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Moonclan deputy to be leader after Fallenstar Empty Re: Moonclan deputy to be leader after Fallenstar

Post by Eagletalon on Sun May 27, 2012 11:32 am

Accepted, obviously.

umm....However, we have already planned the deputies and leaders after Fallenstar. When the power guild is reposted, we could discuss putting Everclear (nice name, by the way Smile ) as a future deputy/leader.
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