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Guidelines for posting auditions.

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Guidelines for posting auditions.

Post by Bellastar on Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:16 am

This topic is so you can post your audition for if you want to be an apprentice. The apprentices will be chosen by Bellastar and the deputy.

Auditions MUST have:
-Description of the cat; fur color, eye color, paw color, ear color, etc.
-Personality of the cat; curious, enegertic, happy, funny, sad, lonely, shy, hostile, killer, etc.
-Strengths & Weakness's of the cat; good hunter, bad fighter, good jumper, bad climber, good murderer, bad killer, etc.
-Relatives of the cat; mother, father, sister, cousin, uncle, second cousin's stepsister, etc. THIS IS OPTIONAL!!!!!!
-Other fun facts about the cat; long tail, sharp claws, furry pelt, scars, tall or medium or short, big ears, 6 toes, ripped face, etc.
-give us a brief summary of chur cat, tell us an important part of his/her life. Tell us why your cat has the skill to be a warrior.


I'll start with a model (THIS CHARACTER IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!)

Kitekit-Small white ginger tom with silver eyes and a sharp glance. She is very cute and is also funny, silly, and makes a lot of jokes. She is probably the worst hunter in the entire clan because she can't stalk her pray quietly-but she is the only cat that is small enough to fit into tight spaces. She was found be Bellastar under an apple tree abandoned and took her in to watch over her and treats her as if she really is he daughter . She has oversized ears that cause her to fall over alot.


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