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Post by Oceanstorm on Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:30 pm

Dewdrop-Silver gray and white tom with smoky grey eyes. He is spazzy and hyper with his friends, but he is quiet with strangers. He is always polite and formal. He is good at hunting and soso at fighting. He was apart of the alleycat clan and remained loyal to them throughout the war. He thought about leaving, but he knew it would be useless. fter the war was over and the clan was free of all of the evil cats, the new leader asked if anyone good cats wanted to make a clan. He and many others wanted to so they made Rainclan. He loves his clan and is very proud of it. Sometimes when a cat offends Rainclan he can go into a frenzy and berserk mode. His best friend is Heronflight, and his lover is Cranewing. He hopes to have kits soon.

Heronflight- White tom with brown stripes on his left and right side and gray spots. He has blue grey eyes. He is calm, quiet, shy but though you wouldn't know it, he is very active. He is always doing something like hunting, climbing, jumping, swimming, tracking, training, on a hunting patrol, on a border patrol, out gathering herbs, etc. He just is quiet. He loves his sister, Cranewing very much. He was apart of a horrible alleycat clan with a strict set of rules. He followed the rules and din't get into any trouble. He followed the clan when they moved and stayed by their side when they waged war against the other clans. He was agaisnt the war, but he kept his mouth closed and his tongue quiet. When the clan was disbanded after the war, he stayed behind with some others who were against the war like them and made Rainclan. They were accepted by the other clans and became a fully recongnized clan. He is best friend to Dewdrop, his sisters lover.

Cranewing-White she-cat with golden stripes crissrossed on her forehead and a red spot on her cheek. Has pale golden yellow eyes. She is energetic, hyper and atheltic. She is good at jumping, climbing, swimming, and hunting. She likes action first and doesn't like to waste time asking questions. She can be calm and serious at times when it is needed the most. She likes to smile and laugh things off and it seems she can't be embarssed by anything. She is bad at tracking and fighting and isn't good at challengind intruders as she just goes ahead and attack them, even if they have a good reason. She is in love with Dewdrop, who returns her feelings. She was a rogue in the alleycat clan that used to live in the twolegplace. She followed the rules, but kept in touch with her sibling, Heron. When the alleycat clan moved away from the twolegplace she went with them, thinking it would be an adventure. She didn't like how they were warring on the other clans and strongly opposed it. When the war ended she didn't want to go back to a hard life on the streets and like many others they made Rainclan.
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