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Rogue Auditions: Mittens, Tempest and Jubilee!

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Rogue Auditions: Mittens, Tempest and Jubilee! Empty Rogue Auditions: Mittens, Tempest and Jubilee!

Post by Oceanstorm on Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:35 am

Okay so if you want to make a rogue put it in the warrior auditions, a loner in appretice auditins and then a kittypet in kit auditions. Thank You!

Mittens- Pure black she-cat with misty green eyes and long whiskers. She is mysterious, fast and agile. She is like a shadow in the darkness of the islands. Mittens is the sister of Tempest, Jubilee, and Rhapsodysong and is thus the aunt to her kits, Plumit and Jynxkit. She travels all throughout the islands-trying to learn more about their ancient history. She along Rhapsodysong has probaly been to every single island in the archipelago. She stayed with her parents when she was young-but her sister Rhapsodysong ran away and mated and had kits and then joined a clan. Mittens stayed with her parents-who then died during a drought. Mittens then after they died decided to learn more about the history of the islands-which she ad learned so much from her mom. She finally was able to see them and learned a lot more history about them. She occasionly returns back to siblings. Even though they have never met, Mittens has seen Plumkit and Jynxkit while she was on one of her adventures. She likes to learn things and is also philosphical at times. She sees a lot of herself in Jynxkit and she is proud of that. She connstanly travels the islands to learn more history about them. She has also even been to the Southern Archipelago. She is elusive and is one of the only cats to know about the lost clans of Dawnclan and Twilightclan.

Tempest-Dark blue tom with a purple tint. He has bright indigo eyes. He is mysterious, secretive and awckward-but when you meet him he is playful, loving kind and warm-hearted. He lives on an abanded farm with his sister, Jubilee. His oldest sister, Rhapsody left and mated and kitted and then joined a clan. His parents died from a drought. He stays on the farm and likes to watch things grow and is fasicinated by the herbs and flowers and fruits. Besides eating meats-he also has eand eats some of the better-tasting herbs and fruits that the farm produces. The old two-leg nest where they live is old and abandoned but it is nice andn warm. He likes looking at the stars from the top of the nest in the night and looking for patterns. Whenever someone in his family gets hurt he is usually the one that has to heal thembecause he knows a lot of healing remidies. Loves his fmily very much and still misses his parents. Is one of the only cats to know about the lost clans of Dawnclan and Twilightclan.

Jubilee- Light brown she-cat with a large white spot and a brown and white spotted tail. She has dull greenish yellow eyes. She has great eye-sight and and is excellent at spotting prey from afar. She is like her older sister and likes to explore-but only on her litle island in her little section. She is persuasive and stubborn. She likes happy things though and when they happen she is the life of the party. She loves parties-because it brings out her festive side. She was a produgy in hunting when she was young and she is right now a master that is on the quest for more moves and perfecting her techinques. She is fierce and hsotile to strangers-but kind to her family. She older sister Rhapsody left their home and explored, mated, had kits and then joined a clan! She misses her older sister because they were very close to each other. She stays on the farm with her brother, Tempest and occasionly sees her youngest sister, Mittens. Is one of the only cats to know about the long-lost clans of Dawnclan and Twilightclan.

The order of the siblings is as follows. Rhapsody, Jubilee, Mittens, Tempest. They were all in the same litter.
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Rogue Auditions: Mittens, Tempest and Jubilee! Empty Hmmm...

Post by Tigerstar on Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:13 am

Which clan forum will they be written in?
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