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Sunclan Warrior

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Sunclan Warrior Empty Sunclan Warrior

Post by Oceanstorm on Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:13 am

Twoflower- Albino cat with piercing yellow eyes. Twoflower lived a long time ago. When he was a young warrior, his apprentice who was Boarstar, had just been made a warrior! Life had been going good for him so far-he had a mate pregnat with kits and he was a young strong warrior who was respect by the senior warriors for his amazing battle skills. One day though in leafbare it was very cold and many cats were starving including his mate so he sneeked out during a storm to hunt for food for them. It began to rain very hard and buckets of water were falling on him and there was thick fog so he could not see two pawsteps in front of him! He was lost and he knew it, but he would not give up. It began to hail and he heard a great crashing sound that faded and then got closer. The fog parted so he could see his demise-a tidal wave crashed on him an carried him out to the ocean. He used all of his muscules to get out of the next tidal wave and fell into unconsciousness. When he wke up he was on a strange new island with little food or water or cats. He went many days there hungry and thirtsy but he survived. He cursed Spiritclan for taking him away and vowed he would get back. Being alone on the island when you are hungry and thirsty made him semi-insane and on the next major storm many moons later he willing jumped into the waves and let himself be carried out to the ocean. He then woke up back on his island! He spent one day running all around the island because he was happy and kinda insane(The other clans reported a mysetrious white rogue next gathering where Sunclan turned away and shuffled their paws). On the second day he returned to his clan and would have not been allowed in it-if it had not ben for the elders and Boarstar. He rejoined the clan-but everything had changed. His mate had died of hunger after his kits had been born-but his mates best friend took care of them. When the kits were apprentices they left the clan because they had no family left in it and became rogues. The girl cat mated to a rogue on the southern islands and has three kits-Wisteriapaw, Jasperpaw and Vanillapaw. She did not know she was so close to her father-who was rumored to be a crazy ghost cat. Twoflower jumped into the storm the same day the kits did. His son mated with a rougue and they had Mittens, Rhapsody, Tempest and Jubilee. If he had stayed these things would had not happened so there would been no Dawnclan or Twilightclan! He takes great pride in himself for this and understood why Spiritclan took him away when he finds this out later-right now he stills thanks Spiritclan for bringing him back, but why they had done that in the first place. He is large, muscular and strong. He loves to fight and even older he is one of the best warriors in the clans. He is not insane anymore-but he is now quirky, werid, strange and awckward. He can eat a lot and drink a lot even if he is not hungry and thirsty- a habit from the island. He stinks-badly at hunting and can not catch a thing, but he is loyal to his clan so he will hunt for as long as a moon until he gest food. He was persuaded to be an elder but he declined because he still wanted to be a warrior.
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Sunclan Warrior Empty Interesting cat

Post by Shi'ido on Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:26 am

He'll make a great addition!


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